Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kemi's Thought

Can we ever be sure the other person loves us the way we love them? In my current state of mind I have to say no. Deep down someone will always love more than the other. It is all a risk we take with our heart. I ponder on this thought sometimes and wonder if it is meant to be this way. The only person we know about is ourself, so we should love others to our fullest abilities.

School starts tomorrow again and am not looking forward to going back to  busy busy Kemi. I will try to write  here on my free time. 

List of to do's by 8:00am tomorrow
1)  Finance home work.
2) Business ethic chapter preparation.
3) Operation research chapter 3 assignment. 
4) Intermediate accounting ( Bank reconciliation statement assigned chapter)
5) Sleep 

God help me, all this needs to be done tonight :( I wonder what I have been doing all spring break. 


  1. God help you with all of your list of things to do. Hope school went great!I gave you a lovely blog award. Please check out my blog for more information!

  2. I heard a yoruba proverb whenich translates like this "its only a confused person that says 'so and so loves me' We only know whom we love, we dont know who loves us.
    All the best with studying, pls pop by often!

  3. Hey, I gave you 'One Lovely Blog Award', check out my page for the rules.

  4. @my lovely Funmi I pray so too. I did some part of the assignment and got credit for it. Thank you for the award I love it.

  5. @Sisi Yemmie, That yoruba proverb hits it on the nail. I am very glad that you read my blog. @sweetly am loving the press thanks for the award.