Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Are You Offended? Why Are You Bitter? What Is That Issue That Keeps You Up? Are You Lost?

I ask you as a friend why are you offended my dear?  Do you not know that God is watching you and how long do you intend to stay offended? She said to me "child don't you know that we still have to take the bad debt exam? You should have seen my face. I grew all defensive and offended. Hey who are u calling a child, I asked and you could see immediately that she didn't mean it in the wrong way at all. But why did I take offense? Many of you might find that dramatic, The truth is that most of us do the same thing on a daily basis. Ponder on that for a minute or two. As  human we have the tendency to snap and take offense at others words or actions.

To Be Continued

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